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SCNX :: Invest In The Future Of Crypto Assets

September 1, 2021 Updates:

  • Cardano Network upgrade to v1.29.0 (for hard-fork of the blockchain on 9/12/21) is done and purring right along.  Once the okay was issued by IOHK, it took about 2 hours to upgrade all relays and the block producer. 
  • Hardware changes: The relays and the block producer have all been moved to their own, baremetal servers.  This move alone has reduced missed slots from ~750/epoch down to ~3/epoch. 

The Network has gone from around 1200 transactions/Hr to over 3500 in the last month.  With more than double the transaction traffic, moving the servers to their own baremetal server has put SCNX in a position where it is out-performing the vast majority of nodes on the network.



One more step  back towards decentralization. 

SCNX is no longer pulling Cardano node connection hints from organized guild sites.  Each week I download the list of over 3400 and counting relay nodes, ping each one to find the best response times and build my own node topology file. 

Relay node #2 however is connecting to only nodes further away, such as South America, Africa, Asia.  These nodes aren’t really providing me with additional transaction data to be processed, it’s more SCNX is pumping transaction data to the other side of the globe.  They need a consistent feed of data to keep the Cardano network as decentralized as possible. 

For any SPO’s out there, scripts will be posted to Github in the next week. — 08/03/2021


Why Choose SCNX?


The SCNX Cardano stake pool is a privately held and operated pool. The System Operator has 30 years of experience managing computational networks. I maintain multiple servers located on premises and off as necessary to give us the best coverage possible.
Unlike the stake pools on cryptocurrency exchanges, your ADA remains in YOUR wallet, not mine. There is no lock-down time either.

Staking in a private pool such as SCNX, you are free to spend, deposit or transfer to/from an exchange while you hold your ADA in your wallet. Your wallet’s balance within the stake pool you have delegated to will adjust to your in/out transactions without you having to get involved.  Those changes in your balance will synchronize with your staking amount.

The SCNX stake pool is running on multiple servers:

  • Server Location: Chicago, IL – USA
  • Multiple other support servers: USA


Multiple relay nodes running around the globe bring the pool access to transaction processing world-wide through a dedicated data pipeline.  This ensures transactions are available for processing and keeps all sides of the Cardano network informed.